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Natural Beauty, Healthy Living, Jamberry Nails & More!

This my little spot on the interwebs to talk about things I love. To name a few…Healthy living, natural beauty products, mindfulness, and Jamberry Nail Wraps!

So as you may have noticed from the site banner, I’m a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant! Yay me! But that’s not all this site is intended for. I plan to use this site to not only talk about how great and affordable Jamberry is, but also to talk about other natural beauty products that I believe in  that you can make yourself (like hand scrubs, soaps, candles, and other fun DIY stuff like that), healthy living tips and tricks, diet and exercise, and maybe even some empowerment and inspirational related topics.

The name of the site can imply that I don’t like nail polish – not the case! I just happen to have a bias towards more natural, cost-effective products in general, including beauty products! So feel free to follow my site, share posts, or leave comments! I look forward to sharing my thoughts and research with the world but I’m equally open to learning!

Jamberry Product Information & Consultant Reviews

I am a firm believer in complete honesty and transparency, so I hope that’s the vibe and feel you get from my site. Here are some main things I like my readers to know and consider.

  1. Yes, I’m a Jamberry Consultant
  2. No, I’m not a phony, robotic product pusher
  3. Yes, I like money. BUT
  4. I decided to sell Jamberry because I believe in the simplicity and financial practicality of them.  AND
  5. I only like it when I can give people information and they get a product they truly love
  6. I’ll always give honest and transparent information

Since it seems to be a hot button topic lately, I’ve written a post reviewing the safety concerns and toxicity of Jamberry Nails. There are varying opinions out there that aren’t based on much research or science, so all I can give you is my point of view as a well-researched nurse.

I’ve also taken a stab at writing an honest review of the process of becoming a Jamberry consultant, because I think one needs a clear picture of what to expect should they decide to sell Jamberry Nails.

Equally important is understanding what it takes to be successful in the tough world of MLM. It can be misleading and confusing where you’re getting sold a dream by consultants that just want to make a buck off of you.

I’m not saying I don’t stand to benefit when Jamberry Consultants sign up under me, I just want for women what I wanted – to have clear expectations set on the risk and upside, and for it to be an informed decision on whether becoming a Jamberry Consultant is for you.