How Do I Apply Jamberry Nail Wraps?

Jamberry Nail wraps are super easy to apply, but you have to get the technique down if you want them to last.  Here is a step by step guide on how to get the moves down pronto!

Step one-Prepping to apply your Jamberry nail wraps

  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Buff nails lightly with nail buffer (this step is optional). The buffing helps to remove any uneven areas of the nail and also creates a slightly rough area that helps the adhesive stick.
  • Wipe all nails down with either a nail prep pad, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover. If you don’t want to use any chemicals, but used the buffing technique, then wash your hands again to remove any “nail dust”.

Step two-Finding the right Jamberry wrap size to fit your nail

  • Match your nail to the size that fits best.
  • Do this by sizing the curved part of the strip to the cuticle. I like to cut the strips in half so that they are shaped like the nail. This makes the visualization more clear and also makes it easier to remove the portion you want to use without mucking up the remaining half of the strip.

fitting nail wrap to nail


Step Three-Heating and applying the Jamberry nail wrap 

  • Warm the adhesive side of the wrap with either the Jamberry mini-heater, a blow dryer (see below for instructions), or any safe heat source.
  • Do this for 5-10 seconds, or until the wrap appears flexible

Using a blow-dryer:

  • Set the temperature on Medium to High but on the lowest air setting. Have a friend hold it, hold it between your knees, or use a blow dryer holder.

heating nail wrap with mini-heater

  • Apply to the nail, curved side to cuticle and apply firm pressure on all sides.
  • If you see any wrinkles, try to reheat the wrap and apply pressure again. If this doesn’t work then heat the flat part of nail clippers, or the flat part of tweezers from the heater and press the metal to the wrinkled area. Do this pressing from the base of the nail towards the tip.

nail wrap before trimmed

It will look similar to this after it is applied.

Step Four-Trimming the Jamberry nail wrap to fit your nail

You can trim the nail wrap to fit your nail using several different methods:

  • Cut excess off with nail scissors or with fingernail clippers (top and sides)
  • Reheat and apply even pressure over the nail, then file off any additional parts using a downward motion


You can simply fold the wrap down towards the pad of your finger and file downward with a nail file until the excess wrap detaches. Then follow the instructions above (more heat and pressure). This step is the easiest method in my opinion and it looks like this:

folded nail wrap

The folding (above)

filing a nail wrap

Filing wrap in a downward motion

filed nail wrap

Excess wrap detaching. It should pull off easily from here, if it does not then continue to file.

nail wrap detached

It should break away easily.

filing nail wrap

File any additional edges

Here is a video of this process (My second ever YouTube video, I was so nervous! ha).

Last step to seal your Jamberry Nail Wraps

  • Simply place your finger in the heat again and press down firmly all over! I do this at least twice after filing to ensure proper bonding.
  • Then continue to follow these steps for all of your nails. This is what mine looked like after I finished:

jamberry nail wraps


Do I apply Jamberry Nails the same if I use oil on my skin or in my hair?

I have had no problem getting the nails wet and applying lotion within 30 minutes of finishing my nails. If you use a lot of oil products, I would double check that all your nails are sealed properly, and there are no wrinkles, before using your oil products. I frequently use coconut oil on my skin and I have had no issues. If you have had problems, try doing your routine that requires oil before applying your nails. Also wash your hands with dish soap to ensure that all of the oil is off before putting on the wraps. Then, just to be safe, wait a few hours before using your bath products that have oil in them.

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