My Experience Becoming a Jamberry Nails Consultant

How and Why I Became a Jamberry Nails Consultant

Let me start by saying that I am a fairly natural girl, and also a scientific one. I believe in natural beauty and not trying to change who you are or what you look like because of how other people might perceive you. I’m not convinced easily to do things and when I am convinced it’s because I know all the facts and have done the research myself. I am a registered nurse (RN) and I work in the intensive care unit (ICU). Prior to becoming a RN, I was a personal trainer. Not professions that are very pro-nails! So how the heck did I get involved, and start working as a consultant for, a company that makes nail wraps? Well I’m glad you asked! Here is the “cliff-notes” version of that story:

Despite my career choices, I do enjoy getting done up occasionally. However, I work hard for my money and paying $50+ to have someone else do my nails just felt ridiculous to me. I have also not been a proponent of nail polish, acrylic nails, gel nails, and other products because of toxicity and the fumes give me a headache. Being impatient, I would often scuff the polish or gel before I had even pulled out of the parking lot. On top of that, I found it tedious to have to go back to the salon to have the product removed (in the case of gels or acrylics) and half the time would peel them off myself, severely damaging my nail beds. Eventually I just convinced myself that I didn’t care about all those girly things like manicures, pedicures, facials, etc.

Then I started to hear all this buzz about nail wraps. Nail wraps this and Jamberry that. I was thinking,  “sheesh! all my friends are such divas”. People invited me to parties to try and I was just too convinced that I wouldn’t like it. Then one of the girls I work with, whom I happen to find very intelligent and practical, casually started talking about what she’s been up to and she mentioned Jamberry. I trusted her to tell me the truth about her experience with them and I started to get what the hype was all about. The affordable cost, the do it yourself experience, the fact that they could be made to be “nurse proof” etc. So I decided to give them a try.

My First Experience With Jamberry Nails

My Jamberry package arrived in the mail about 5 days after I placed my order. I watched a YouTube video, opened up all my nail wraps, set up the mini heater, and got to work. I had all the nail wraps on in about 15-20 minutes and was pretty excited, until I noticed that some were peeling already. I did everything the girl did in the video and I was soooo frustrated! I peeled them all off and was prepared to send them all back.

Then my husband, who was reading the package, started asking me questions about my application process. Turns out I missed a few crucial steps (over-zealous perhaps? Oops) and he gently urged me to try again. I found that my mistake was not using enough heat. I heated them up before I put them on but did not re-apply heat after cutting them to “seal the edges”. After I tried them again and saw the difference, I was actually pretty impressed.

5 different designs of Jamberry Nail wraps, one on each finger. Being an overall skeptic, I wanted to really test them out though. A few hours later I cleaned the entire house, went to the gym, and then took a shower. Sure enough they lasted through all of that. The next test was going to work, I had 3 shifts scheduled in a row and I figured that would be the true test. By the end of the three shifts, that happened to be very busy with lots of hand washing, all but one nail lasted. I peeled that one off after I noticed that it appeared to have some creases in it, and I was worried about bacteria getting under it because of the nature of my job.

To my surprise it came off very easily with an alcohol swab and without damaging my nail bed! I later learned how to apply the nails without leaving any creases. I plan to upload videos on how to avoid all the mistakes I made when I got started, coming soon…

After deciding that I really liked the product, I started researching the company and asking the consultants I knew about their experience. I was shocked to find out how well they were doing selling the product and setting up teams. Several girls were thinking of going part time at work to focus on Jamberry, one was making more than I have ever made as a RN and had only been a consultant for around 8 months!

 Is Jamberry Just Another Pyramid Scheme?

Is what my husband asked when I was excitedly telling him about the opportunity, he was skeptical. He was convinced that it was just another “pyramid scheme” and that the girls at work probably just told me that that was what they were making to convince me to do it. So I talked to one of the girls about it and not only did she map out the whole compensation plan to me, which is pretty fair actually (blog post coming soon), but she also sent me a screen shot of her commissions to show to my husband. Needless to say, he was on board after that. Not to mention, the cost to start as a consultant with Jamberry nails was low, only $99, so the risk versus benefit was in our favor. We were also provided a site for our business that was free for the first 3 months and then $10/month after that. Click here to see what it looks like.

cost and picture of start up kit for Jamberry Nails

Since then, we have had a great experience with all of the people we have had contact with in Jamberry, as well as all of the products. We set up this blog in hopes to help others discover what a great product this is and also to empower women to start their own businesses as well! After all, the company was started by three sisters that were “just” stay at home moms. Very inspiring! Read their story here.

Feel free to leave comments or ask anything below, or send an email to  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about my experience becoming a consultant! If you are interested in signing up to be a consultant now, start by clicking here

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