Easy Nail Art for Beginners – DIY Nail Designs

There are so many fun and easy ways to decorate your nails and most you can do yourself. This post will be dedicated to fun ways to “do it yourself” for beginners that want fun, easy and affordable nails!

DIY Nail Art Design for Beginners

Lets go with most difficult to easiest DIY nail art.

Dotting Tools and Free-Hand Designs for Nails

  • Start by applying a base coat (whatever color you want under the design). Need new colors? Try our lacquer! It’s 5 free and long lasting!

 jamberry lacquer

  • Use a small paint brush, a tooth pick, ball point pen, or dotting tool to create designs. Some tools look like this. I usually opt for the ball point pen, or even a mechanical pencil tip (lead removed).

nail dotting tools

  • Designs are created by dipping the tool in whatever color of polish you wish to use then applying to the base coat. The easiest way is if you drop a few drops of polish on a paper plate or in a lid then dip the tool into the polish from there. You can use just one color or multiple colors! Here are some examples of designs:

rose dotting tool nailsnail dots with dotting tool

  • Then simply let it dry and apply a top coat! Note: the dots may be thicker than simply applying a base coat so be patient with dry time :). It also may take some practice to get your hands steady enough to make the designs as precise as the ones shown.

Beginner Nail Art and Designs Using Tape

  • Cut tape into small sections. These should be small enough to criss-cross the nail but still show the base coat underneath.
  • Apply the base coat color and let dry
  • Apply tape strips in whatever pattern you choose
  • Paint 2nd color over tape and let dry
  • Remove tape and apply base coat, simple as that!
  • Here are a few examples:

nail art with tapenail art with tape

Now for my favorite and the easiest way to do DIY nail art….

DIY Jamberry Nail Wraps

IMG_3288 IMG_3280


  • Simply pick a style, and there are over 350 styles to choose from here! Or design your own at the nail art studio!
  • Follow the easy to apply directions and enjoy!

Here is the quick version of how easy these are for beginners:

  • You clean your nails (soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover)
  • Find the wrap that fits the finger you are applying it to best
  • Cut the wrap in half (so you can use the other half on the other hand)
  • Heat it up with a blowdryer or the Jamberry mini heater
  • Apply it the nail, use pressure to get it to stick
  • Cut off the excess or file off the excess
  • Reheat, reapply pressure and you’re done!

Once you get it down the whole process takes about 15-20 minutes for both hands. Jamberry Nail wraps also last the longest of all of these easy options!

Let me know if you have any questions, want to know about other designs and ideas, or have anything to add. You can also email me at info@notnailpolish.com. Thanks for reading! 

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