Nurse Nails! Nail Wraps and Designs for Nurses

As an ICU nurse I had pretty much completely stopped caring about having my fingernails done. The constant washing and use of hand sanitizer made it impossible to keep polish on, so I pretty much gave up on having pretty nails.

Can Nurses Wear Nail Polish?

A majority of hospitals I’ve worked in don’t allow artificial nails or nail polish.  Few allowed gel nail manicures but those destroyed my natural nail and weren’t usually considered “safe” either because they crack and chip.  Anything that cracks or chips is an increased risk for contamination. So simply wearing gels or tips that damage your natural nails can make your natural nails more likely to carry bacteria. Yikes!

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Great Gift Ideas For All of the Women in Your Life!

Buying gifts for women can be tricky. Here are a few unique gift ideas that would please even the most difficult ladies on your list:

Sugar Scrubs

Pamper her this winter by making sugar scrubs for body and hands. Winters can be dry and brutal, especially in Colorado, so create something with love that makes her feel special and soft.

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How do I buy Jamberry Nail Wraps?

If you are ready to shop, simply click here!

How to buy Jamberry Nail Wraps 

To order Jamberry nail wraps you need to know a consultant. If you try to go to the main site, or search for the main site, it will prompt you to find a consultant from that page. You can search for one by clicking “find a consultant” on the top right of the screen.

screen shot on how to find a jamberry nails consultant

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Hello world!

Welcome to our site! I’m so happy that you’re here! My name is Ali and this is my first blog, ever.  I’m super excited! My amazing husband, Kevin, will be helping me along the way which is why I say “our” site. He is more technologically savvy than I am, which took a long time for me to admit ;).

I’m excited to exchange knowledge in this crazy internet world. I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to learning from you as well!

Happy reading!