Manberry – A man that is actively involved in talking about and selling Jamberry Nail Wraps

So there are hundreds of posts out there reviewing Jamberry Nails, telling you how amazing they are and pitches to become a Jamberry consultant. From WOMEN.  That LOVE NAILS. And that makes complete sense and I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just nice to get perspective from a different angle sometimes!

This post will be great for 3 types of people:

  1. If you’re thinking about trying Jamberry Nails and you haven’t yet due to the sometimes phony, sales-y nature of MLMs and what you’ve seen out there so far feels like you’re joining a cult…
  2. If you’re a female thinking about becoming a Jamberry Nails Consultant and want a male, business-minded perspective
  3. If you’re  a female that LOVES Jamberry already and needs to get buy-in from your husband/spouse -> I was as big a skeptic as they come (you can hand the computer over to your husband now  so we can have nail-talk-time) 

Full disclosure: My wife is a Jamberry consultant and I have been thrust in to the world of Nail Wraps & Designs. 

 Some Background

I believe in complete authenticity, so knowing a little about me might help you relate if you’re a man in my shoes 2 weeks ago.

I’m not a fan of the beauty industry. I have a 8 year old daughter who I constantly build up and compliment when she gets straight A’s, or finishes a Harry Potter book. Not when she has nice nails or has her hair done up. So needless to say, I’m far from a superficial or vain person and I have a whole nother opinion on the effect the bigger industry has on girl’s and women’s self-esteem (thats for another post!)

So when my wife approached me with the idea of selling nail wraps, I had flashes of all the MLM ventures my mother tried growing up and nightmares of us becoming this phony couple that invited people over to our “parties” because we wanted them to buy $%&! from us. I was biting my tongue until I could research.

I’m like most people. I didn’t have a good feeling or experience with MLMs. I thought they were all a scam and people making money off of you. I had to look at this one objectively because of the product and market size.

So I did what I’m sure you’re doing right now – doing your research, seeing what other’s experiences have been like, looking for some authentic and clear Jamberry Consultant reviews. So let’s dive right in.

What Is Your Total Upfront Cost To Be a Jamberry Consultant?

From having worked in investments and real estate for much of my professional career, my natural inclination was to find out “What is our total upfront investment?” Because literature out there from some MLM companies can be really convoluted and not to the point.

So when my wife and I did some more reading and asking around to make sure we weren’t missing any “catches”, I was somewhat shocked to find out it was $99 upfront for the start-up kit (samples, literature, compensation plan info, etc), and $10/month for the website they give you after month 3. More on that in a minute.

Think About The Product Gentleman

Ok great, so $99 plus $10/month isn’t bad and my approach is always “How quickly can we recover our investment?” So to give you a quick answer – It took 10 days. In hindsight, and as I learn more about the nail polish/nail wrap market, I’m not surprised.

I mean think about it, it’s an easier, less expensive way for women’s nails to look all pretty. Without an expensive trip to the salon (think about that one fellas, and they get discounts on their own nail wrap purchases), and without fussing with nail polish. And they can get all kinds of fun designs that match, are seasonal and can be swapped out for the occasion.

Do a quick search for other successful Multi Level Marketing companies. Are all of their products or services things that people need to have? I’d argue that vitamins, juice, energy drinks and other MLM products have far fewer demand than the nail polish market, in which women spent over 768 million in 2012.

MLMs typically fail for 4 reasons: 

  1. The product is not something people need (think vitamins, juice, exfoliating body cream) – Ask almost any women if they need to have their nails done
  2. Is it not a recurring need (jewelry, handbags) – Ask those same women how often they want new nails or re-paint
  3. Monthly Fees Are $50+/mo – Jamberry is $10/month
  4. Storing and Shipping Product – You don’t have to do that, they do it for you

Even if nail wraps put a tiny, ant size dent in that $768 million market, think of the potential. Maybe I’m naive and brainwashed, but it seems to make logical, fiscal sense to me.

So How Do We Sell Jamberry Nail Wraps?

So this was the part that really made me like the opportunity more. Jamberry gives you a custom URL to a website that looks the same as the main domain. Keep in mind that the main site doesn’t even sell direct to customers– they rely entirely on their sales force. So there’s no unfair competing from the mothership.

So you just choose the name of the web address and voila! you now have a website that people can order a pretty cool product from. It’s a pretty clean site, good functionality and straight-forward ordering process.

Oh, and the single most important thing I wanted to know was if we had to handle and ship physical product. Because that is really hard and takes lots of money, time and effort. The answer is no. They order through the site. Jamberry processes the order and ships it out. Easy peezy.

Well How Do You Get People To Your Jamberry Site?

Well, husband. If you’re great using social media, writing or creating websites then you can certainly help drive people to your Jamberry site! Remember, women typically are naturally great at connecting and networking, so even if you’re not great at those things, your spouse might be.

I think understanding how different social media platforms work, how people use them and consumer psychology is paramount to your online marketing efforts. If you can set up a blog and know what people are searching for, even better.

But also gentlemen, keep in mind you don’t only make money on what you or your wife sells (30%), you also get a percentage of what people that sign up under you sell. So you can see how that can add up.

So it really boils down to accomplishing 3 steps:

  1. Find women that would be interested in nail wraps and get them to your site or they find you
  2. Find women that are entrepreneurial and see the business opportunity/potential and sign them up under you
  3. Repeat

I’m Glad You Brought Up Money, Cause This Article is Getting Long and I Want To Know How Much Money We Can Make

Well, this entirely depends on how much you want to market and work at it, how savvy you are online, and what you/your wife’s natural network is like.

I’ve personally seen statements from ladies making anywhere from $300-$8,000 a month. Yes, that is real. From selling nail wraps. It seemed far fetched to me until I went and looked up some of the top earners from well-established MLM companies – that’ll make you sick and want to sign up at the same time. I don’t even know what half of those companies are!

But How Do You Know Jamberry Will Be That Successful?

I don’t. No one does. That’s the beauty of investment and risk. You have to weigh the opportunity, the market size, the potential for growth, your skill set, the cost….then jump! Do you think the people that started within the first 5 years of some of those other companies are glad they did?

I’m well aware that Jamberry could fall by the wayside like the hundreds of other MLM companies have in the past, but I’m also aware of a product and solution that seems pretty legit when I see it.

The Breakdown

  • Cost – $100 upfront + $10/month after the 3rd month
  • The Product – Nail Wraps – Over 300 designs
  • The Benefit – A quick and inexpensive way to have beautiful looking nails
  • Demand – Pay attention to women’s nails as you walk around
  • Market Opportunity – Some fraction of $768 million
  • Earnings Potential – Very realistic to make a few thousand a month
  • Commission Split – Starts with 30% of your sales + varying percentages of consultants signed up under you and those numbers go up as you progress
  • Resources – Sign up under someone who understands marketing, social media, blogging and networking so they add value and help you!

So by now you either think I’m another brainwashed MLM participant, or I’ve kicked you some logical sense on an industry that makes sense to join in on. Maybe you’ll even enjoy helping with the social media and web stuff like I am.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop in the comments or email us at Of course, if my writing was so compelling and amazing (jk jk) that you’re ready to join our team, you can start here.

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for this!!! Love the Manberry review. Showed it to my MBA husband who agreed this makes sense.

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