Should I Become a Jamberry Nails Consultant?

If you’re researching this topic, I’m sure you’ve read Jamberry reviews – the good, bad and the ugly about Jamberry Nails. This isn’t meant to sway you one way or another about this entrepreneurial endeavor, but to give you some tendencies and habits of successful consultants. Then you can decide for yourself if you think it’s a good idea and if you have what it takes.

What All Do I Need To Do To Succeed As A Jamberry Consultant?

Well, you can do as much or as little as you want, that’s the beauty of it and the beauty of working from home and for yourself. Jamberry provides you with your own website, so the name of the game is getting people that are interested in the product there. Simple right? Wrong! Here are some competencies and habits of consultants that are able to earn full-time income from selling Jamberry Nails:

1) They know how to use social media 

And I don’t mean can you spam the hell out of your friends and make them all hate you. I mean are you savvy with social media. Because you need to be. Are you great at influencing people on Facebook or Twitter? Can you crank out boards on Pinterest? Are you a good writer? Can you find creative ways to get people’s attention?

IMO, it takes more than just shoving a site in front of people and telling them it’s awesome. Tell them a story, give them benefits, let them see pictures, videos, whatever. But think of a way to stand out, because Facebook is a crowded place with lots of Jamberry consultants hitting it hard.

I don’t mean that it’s not worth your time, it’s a great way to seed your business and get it in front of your trusted family and friends. But it’s a fine line of letting them know and letting them come to you, versus annoying them with daily posts and having them buy out of guilt. I’ll take a willing, sustainable customer any day of the week.

2) They have a decent size network of women that are either entrepreneurial or are in to fashion and beauty 

So with any Multi-Level Marketing company, it matters who you sign up under you and how well they do. If you know a good group of girls or women that tend to also know groups of women, then that is a good start. If you are a part of mom groups, women’s organizations, clubs, etc, then even better. It can also just be that you have a group of friends/co-workers that you think would jump at the opportunity to work from home and make good money selling something they are passionate about – Nails.

If you don’t have a large network of friends or co-workers, then maybe you’re just naturally great at meeting people and finding out what they’re in to, where they work and vice versa. Sometimes nothing is more powerful than face-to-face interaction and selling.

3) They understand GOOD business 

As I referenced above, you can’t just expect people to buy from you because you’re you. I mean some will, but in order to have a sustainable business you need to be good with people and understand how customers think online.

People react to value. Give them something of value or some facts and they might like you or trust you enough to buy from you. Giving out samples is one good strategy. What better way to find out if Jamberry is for you than trying it out?

Remember, you have to believe in what you’re selling or it shows. If you have conviction behind the product, than it’s easy to talk about benefits, find other niches that might like it, make an infographic, take pictures, how-to’s, etc.

4) They’re a motivator and a self-starter

So here’s the tie-in. Right away you have to be driven and motivated. Sales won’t happen overnight. Online strategy, networking, exposure, these things take time. You can’t expect an overnight payday. And you can’t get down when good habits don’t instantly pay off. Be comfortable with putting in effort via solid habits and results typically follow.

From the first consultant you sign up under you, you need to be a great resource. You need to motivate and inspire them. Show them some of the strategies you learned from your up-line or team manager. Give them blogging ideas, set up parties, show them how to use Instagram, give them incentives!

5) They’re organized and patient

It may not seem like it, but when you’re managing 4 social media accounts, hosting Facebook parties for your team members, keeping track of sales, and blogging, things can get hectic.

Is Jamberry Nails a Sustainable Business?

Well, Jamberry has only been around for 4 years so time will tell. On one side, there is a whole graveyard of MLM’s that have come and gone. On the other hand, there are people that can only wish they got in with Amway, Avon, and Mary Kay in year 4. Seeing some of their earnings is ridiculous – we’ll see if Jamberry can ascend there.

So you just have to try the product and ask yourself, “Do I see this becoming a product that girls and women will use repeatedly?” and “Will women see the value in paying $15/sheet (that can be used 4 times) for a few weeks worth of nail wraps over a $40 manicure?”

If the answer is yes, and Jamberry continues to increase the quality of their nail wraps, then there is a good chance this can be successful and sustainable.

But Aren’t All MLM Companies Bad?

Well as I mentioned above, there are clearly companies that have been around for over 30 years and have made billions in revenue. So it comes down to the product and how the company evolves and grows. Can Jamberry keep up with the staggering growth it’s been seeing? Again, time will tell.

I go more in-depth on differences between Jamberry and other MLMs here.

Does is Matter Which Consultant I Sign Up Under?

Absolutely. This could be the biggest factor to your success if you don’t have all the qualities or habits listed above. Your team lead/team manager/person who you sign up under should have skills where you have gaps and be a resource.

For example, I consider myself to be pretty savvy with understanding blogging, SEO, social media and online marketing. So I would make sure my team knew how to do some of the following:

  • Set up a blog
  • Understand how to write keyword targeted, effective blog posts
  • Utilize popular social media platforms appropriately
  • Understand how to find new Jamberry customers outside of their natural market aka knowing how and what to research

How Much Does Jamberry Cost To Start?

Anyone with any business sense needs to know what the upfront investment will be. I elaborate more on the compensation plan, but the initial cost to be a Jamberry Consultant is $99 plus shipping for your start up kit.

If you think you can earn that back making 30% (plus more with bonuses) commission on a product like Jamberry Nail Wraps, then I’d say the risk/reward sets up well. If you try them and don’t think it’s a product people will continue buying, then it’ll be tough to sell a product you don’t believe in!

Now the Decision is Yours….

I hope I’ve given you some insight in to what it takes to be a successful Jamberry Nails Consultant. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you think you’re ready to browse the product or ask more questions, comment below or start here. My email is at the top of my Jamberry page!

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    1. Hi Johanna,

      You don’t have to put down any start up costs to purchase the product. If you are interested in becoming a consultant, then the start up costs are a required investment to get started with your business.

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